Water Damage

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After a water damage intrusion:

Water damage indoors is an abnormal condition and can cause or contribute to a number of problems. The damage and health implications increase the longer materials remain wet. There are at least four progressive stages of indoor water damage as follows:

  • Water migrates into areas not originally affected. Water damage spreads laterally into adjoining rooms, penetrates materials below and wicks up into porous materials above. It is best to evaluate all affected areas, not just areas with visible saturation.
  • Saturated materials begin swelling as they absorb moisture. In many situations drying and restoration will restore them, and in others the damage may be permanent. Rapid drying will help reduce the chance of permanent damage.
  • As water evaporates it causes an abnormal humidity condition. High humidity can damage some porous materials if allowed to continue. Humidity damage is most common when the indoor humidity exceeds 60% over time. It is best to reduce the indoor humidity quickly to help prevent humidity damage.
  • After water intrusion, mold and bacterial spores germinate and multiply. Given acceptable growth conditions, one organism can multiply to more than one billion organisms in less than 24 hours. Microorganisms can cause mold damage and degrade indoor air quality. Some microorganisms produce antigens and allergens, which cause allergies while others, can cause infections and toxic diseases.


There are several things that can be done to reduce mold growth and damage to affected materials.

  1. Water can be removed as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.
  2. An anti-microbial agent can be applied to inhibit the growth of mold and other bio-contaminants.
  3. Set up and use of the proper drying equipment to dry the property as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Below is the process that will take place once we arrive at your property:

Clean up and Debris

When you need emergency clean up of you property after water damage, you can call Diamond Restoration, LLC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to start the water damage cleanup process. It is necessary to clean up debris before the water extraction begins.

Water Extraction

When you need emergency water damage extraction, you can call Diamond Restoration, LLC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get a certified water damage technician to start the water damage extraction process right away!

Dehumidification and Drying

Once the debris removal is done and the standing water is extracted it is necessary to dry the residual water that remains on the surface and the water that has soaked into the wood structure. This is normally a 3 day process and during that process we will return periodically to perform moisture reading to make sure that the property is drying properly.