Contents Cleaning

contents2 thmWe understand how irreplaceable your furniture, belongings, and memories are and want to provide support and aid by quickly restoring the loss with the minimal amount of time and expense.

We provide the highest quality work and the best in customer service to our clients with these services due to fire damage, water, and smoke damage:

  • Furniture Restoration and contents cleaning
  • Garment Restoration and Dry Cleaning
  • Retail Inventories
  • Documents Reprocessing
  • Electronic Cleaning and Repair
  • Computer
  • Pack-out and Pack-back
  • Climate controlled storage
  • Ozone treatments

contents1 thmYou can rely on many proven methods to clean and restore personal property including furniture, electronics, china, dinnerware, books, photographs and most items in a home. We take great care to clean items by recommended cleaning methods to ensure items are returned to pre-loss condition.
Detailed inventories of content including description, photos, and video

  • Contents stored in a climate controlled facility
  • Contents Cleaning
  • Dry-cleaning of clothes, draperies, etc... with same day cleaning, complete odor removal and storage of excess clothing if needed
  • Furniture restoration and repair
  • Electronic cleaning and repair

An on-site inventory with digital photos will completed before removing any contents for cleaning or storage. Once completed, you are given a full printed inventory for your records. We have found that by starting out with an organized process, our clients feel better about the situation and things are less chaotic.

Deodorization & Cleaning
Our contents cleaning professionals are trained to evaluate each and every item before removing for cleaning. Our primary goal and objective is we aim to restore all items to pre-loss condition with formulated cleaners and established techniques/methods.

Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services
Professional laundry and dry cleaning services are available as well for clothing and other laundered items. All items are professionally cleaned, pressed, hanged or folded upon return.

Moving & Storage
During the process, our team makes certain to move all of your items with care and store them in a secure climate controlled facility know as a pack-out.

Wood furniture is cleaned, deodorized, and polished during our complete process. Each piece is inspected first for damages and repaired if necessary.
We also restore precious photos and valuable art by art restoration specialists.

  • Restore paintings
  • Picture/print restoration
  • Matting and framework
  • Sculptures
  • Collectables

Electronics & Machines
During our complete process, we also clean any electronics that need it and make sure to deodorize them as well. Once that process has been completed, we will test each electronic for performance to make sure it is returned in pre-loss condition and odor free.

  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Commercial equipment
  • Home office equipment
  • Home theater systems
  • Gaming systems
  • CRT/Plasma TV's
  • Appliances

Document Restoration
We also restore documents including the following items

  • Document dying and cleaning
  • Full reproduction services
  • Freeze drying
  • On-site drying
  • Labeling
  • Re-jacketing
  • Deodorization