Fire & Smoke Damage


What To Do:

  • Once you are settled down call 704-784-0763 so we can correctly address the fire damage or smoke damage.
  • Open all windows to vent smoke while we are on the way
  • Inventory and or use a camera
  • If smoke has reached living areas, plan on moving out temporarily. (Check you insurance policy for Out of Home Living provisions.
  • Take pictures if a camera or video recorder is available of all fire damage and smoke damage!

What Not To Do:

  • Try cleaning yourself. Do not vacuum, touch the walls, or remove drapes. Ash and soot can contain dangerous chemicals that are extremely hazardous to your health.
  • Remove ash or water from carpets and floors. It's not only hazardous, but in most cases carpets will need to be replaced.
  • Try to deodorize. Store-bought or commercial deodorizing products may offset professional formulas that breakup smoke molecules and eliminate odors.
  • Turn the power back on especially in a kitchen fire.

Call for the Diamond Restoration, LLC 6 step process:

  1. Protection/Mitigation (board-up, tarp, and dry out)
  2. Debris removal and Pack-Out of salvageable contents.
  3. Clean the remaining structure and contents. (Contents will be cleaned at our warehouse.)
  4. Deodorize the structure after the fire cleanup.
  5. Rebuild the structure.
  6. Contents Pack-In.